Along the streets of Loneliness: A Journey of Self-Discovery

I walk alone under the streetlights,

Trying to listen to the sounds that seem to exist;

With the light breeze that brings me to heights,

This lonely ambience I can’t resist.


With the soft whispers of the thoughts I have,lonely-road (1)

Along the roads of the night I take;

I try to build my own wall of love,

A very foolish deed, my mistake.


Passing by the trees of shade,

And flowers by my side;

I write my stories,

From tears, from madness, I hide.


This place is always crowded,

Not by people, but by memories.

Where tears, longings and desires have collided,

Here they are, in the avenue of my stories.


When I have no-one to turn to,

And I am kind of feeling low,

When there is no-one to talk to,

And no-where I want to go;

I search deep within myself.this-lonely-road

It is the love within my heart,

That lets me know my angels are there;

Even though we are miles apart.


I yearn for them, looking at the sky.

But all I am left with is high and dry.

Scared, I run and run,

Till I fall with a loud thump.


I try to rise but could not.

I cried and cried,

Till my voice was lost.


Perhaps this is how my ending was,

I thought and slumped to the ground.


A hand touched my shoulder,

I woke up with a quick.

I saw a man in white robes,St.-Michael-Archangel

His wings casting upon me a dewy shadow.

His face was serene yet powerful,

His eyes cool but piercing;

His presence made me feel lighter

To lift me to a world much higher.

He must be an angel, someone which my soul perhaps knew;

Yet I could swear I never met him,

He was just another stranger to me.


Curious, I asked, “Who are you?”

“I?” He said, “I am your guardian angel.”


While he took my hand,

I felt my hesitation slipping away.

“Come”, he said and I couldn’t stop

Myself from going anyway.


I followed him like a mute animal,

I was a sheep and he, my shepherd.

My eyes ate him up like a thirsty man,

My soul was in boundless joy;

This time, I knew it was truth,

When my heart replied, “Worry not, for he has always been with you.”


The journey went on and on,

But not once did I feel tired.

At times, did he smile at me,

He said, “A lot you have faced, I see!”

While I lamented, “Why me?!”

In answer, I met with a grin and then silence.


We walked and walked till I saw a cave,Angelic-Digital-Art-04

With a door unlocked, it looked like a maze.

“Place your hand on the door”, he said

And click, the door opened.


I went inside and froze.

For I found a girl with a halo;

Staring out from a picture that wasn’t shallow.

She looked like a goddess in her absolute beauty

And jarred hair-locks that created waves down, rippling.


Stunned by the girl in picture,

I looked at him and mumbled, “Who is she?”

He grinned and nudged, “Look closer and you will see!”


I turned around and found myself fumbling.

Why, the girl was me!angels wings dress steampunk green eyes aqua hair anime girls 1366x768 wallpaper_www.wallpaperto.com_88


He helped me from staggering,

Saying, “Fear not, for this is your calling!”

I asked, gasping, “Who am I?”

He brushed my eyes close and whispered,

“Why, your heart knows who you are!”

My mind went blank, my heart beating faster,

I thought and thought,

Yet I couldn’t find the answer!

Sensing my frustration, my haplessness,

He replied, “Want to know who you are?”angelic_beauty


“You are a warrior of light.”


Smacked out of breath, I opened my eyes,

And found myself on the road.

I pulled myself up and mused,

Must have been a dream for sure!


But hey, what was this?

Definitely, it wasn’t a miss.

A ball of paper crumpled in my hand,

It read, “Wasn’t that grand?!”


Droplets of rain falling on my cheeks,

Till I couldn’t anymore see;

I had found my answer,

Which I otherwise, failed to see.

Sometimes, it is necessary to just go on living,

When life gives you reasons enough not to exist.

Heart is where lies all the answers

Use it with a little brain to make it all the more better!


Rediscovering the new me,

I wiped my eyes, for tears could wait;

Because I had so much to do, to make this life worth living!

I kissed the paper and floated it down a pond,

For this way, it would remain immortal.

With this, I left that place of mourning,

But this road will always be a part of me.