She was happy that day.

Having spent quality time with family,

She looked forward to spend moments,

With the ones she loved, her friends.

‘While up above the world so high,’

The Devil smirked and said,

“You have no idea what’s in store, babe!”


No truer have any words been said,

As she found herself surprised.

Like anybody would be,

When the one you trusted, makes fun of you;

Poking sore where it hurt the most.


Sounds a matter trifle,

Not when it got the better of her.

Having always laughed that off,

For she loved them;

But nobody did notice,

How she always winced and ached every time.


Fun is good but not at somebody’s expense.

All the more, when you have an idea alright,

That your fun bothers the person.


That day, it struck her bad,

She knew not what and why.

All she reckoned was that,

It was the final blow, for sure.


‘Twas the last straw of her sanity,

The last pound of her dignity she had for herself.

More than her it was,

The final ounce of respect and love she had for them.


Tougher they say to live,

Without the ones you love.

But there always comes a time,

When step back, you must.


So she did.

Step back, that is.

Biding adieu to them,

Her mind was swarmed with regrets.


If only she could gain back the time,

The time she spent thinking about them.

Worrying and feeling sad with and for them,

When life didn’t treat them right.


If only she could take back,

The whispers of prayers she left in the air.

Let them be happy and safe,

Cocoon them wherever they are, O Lord.

Let them feel, there’s somebody who cares for them.

But let them not know,

She had mused, eyes glazing with tears,

O Lord, let them not know,

‘Twas me who prayed for them.


She sighed.

Maybe she was wrong somewhere.

Maybe her love wasn’t just enough.

Or maybe, she mistook it all along.


She knew not when she slept,

Or when her pillows had dried of her tears.

While birds chirped and morning said hello,

She opened her eyes and faced the world.

She wasn’t the same ‘ol girl anymore.



Her soul had lost yet another touch of humanity,

A precious dollop of love for her ‘closed ones’.


She would not let any other person,

Come near her heart or soul.

For knocking would be in vain,

When she has decided,

To drop the door keys in the Ocean of Love.


She didn’t need any.

Neither the keys nor the ocean.

They were better lost and unfounded,

Because some things are meant to be.








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