Clinking of glasses,
Over everything mirth and gale.
Gossips and perfumes lingered in the air,
The party’s a success, all had hailed.

With the lights dimming,
The music strains streamed in.
Friends and strangers alike,
Swayed together to the beats of the night.

One song and two pairs of eyes met.
Two people standing across the hall,
With glasses in their hands.
Strangers in the eyes of world,
If only faces could say a thousand words then.

Lovers they had been not long ago,
Ripped them apart, this particular song.
Making them remember the moments they had,
Forcing their resolution to forget, fade into oblivion.

The world didn’t know their story,
Long-distance mostly, their relationship had been.
Yet a certain universe begged to differ,
For their passion had been something to envy over.

The song made them reminisce,
When nights had spilled into dawn.
When she would fall asleep, in the midst of a chat,
And he would just smile and caress her, night my dear.

Groping at the moments that passed along,
Wanting to touch each other, their fists balled.
For reality check had waited at the end of reel,
They were now, just a piece of past to themselves.

There were times when they couldn’t have enough,
Now are the times when they didn’t know the other enough.
Guests they had been in each other’s lives,
Fate had its age old way of being cruel, alright.

The song playing on,
They couldn’t tear their eyes off each other.
He looks so weak, sighing mused she,
How could anyone be so beautiful, wondered he.

The song ended, but play on it did,
In the minds of these two people;
Who wanted to remain this moment to stay etched,
For they knew this wouldn’t last for their whole being.

This moment was all they had,
Both felt the end coming.
Her eyes glazed over his pain streaked face,
His heart broke on her radiant smile, his precipice.

She motioned to him his tie,
Looking down, he found the knot yet again wrong.
He shrugged, smiling sheepishly,
Laughing, she nodded her head disbelieving.
She found her falling down the tunnel again,
He broke all over thinking, they’d never have each other again.

She left the party, swiping at her tears,
His hand gripped the table, downing the whisky bottle.
Both left a prayer to the air,
Let me be there in your memories forever.





She woke up to his lullaby,
His morning kiss making her smile.
And when she refused to get out,
His tickles made her giggle.

Tip-toying to the cupboard,
He asked her to keep quiet.
Just before their mother trooped in,
And carried her out of the room.

She glanced back and suppressed a smile,
When he peeped and winked at her.

Together they shared every meals,
Together they went hand in hand to school.
He’d protect her like a shield,
While she was too happy with her world.

She would laugh out loud,
While he swung the swing.
He used to teach her every night,
Their parents were only too happy for her.

But ’twas all a secret,
She had promised to keep.
He had made her understand the rules of a game,
They all were playing.

Where she would be the only child,
And he would be invisible.
Yet he would always be with her,
Come whatever may.

She played along alright;
The truth was hidden from her.
What she did not know was,
Her brother was dead.
Has been dead for the past 5 years.