She woke up to his lullaby,
His morning kiss making her smile.
And when she refused to get out,
His tickles made her giggle.

Tip-toying to the cupboard,
He asked her to keep quiet.
Just before their mother trooped in,
And carried her out of the room.

She glanced back and suppressed a smile,
When he peeped and winked at her.

Together they shared every meals,
Together they went hand in hand to school.
He’d protect her like a shield,
While she was too happy with her world.

She would laugh out loud,
While he swung the swing.
He used to teach her every night,
Their parents were only too happy for her.

But ’twas all a secret,
She had promised to keep.
He had made her understand the rules of a game,
They all were playing.

Where she would be the only child,
And he would be invisible.
Yet he would always be with her,
Come whatever may.

She played along alright;
The truth was hidden from her.
What she did not know was,
Her brother was dead.
Has been dead for the past 5 years.


2 thoughts on “HER BROTHER, HER KNIGHT

  1. Wow. That was a great nice poem that gave me happy feels until the line saying he had been dead for the last 5 years. Way to end my little happy streak. Otherwise, good poem.

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