The breeze ruffled his hair,

The sun shone on him bright.

The waves broke upon the beach in earnest,

Their boy had returned Home.

If only they knew, He mused,

‘Twas to bid a final goodbye.


Diving into the heart of sea,

The sea welcomed him, like the Mother.

He swam and swam,

Till his feet couldn’t feel the sea-bed.

Closing his eyes, he gulped in air.

His lungs felt too constricted,

With memories full of past baggage.


The evening came,

With it the tumultuous waves,

And breeze that threatened,

To make one’s settled thoughts askew.

He stood like the master vanguard,

Looking at the sea.

Wondering just how much would it be testing for him,

Until He broke apart and fell down,

Like a pack of cards.


The air turned gloomy,

With waves rising, as if to touch the sky.

It’d have scared any ordinary soul,

But He merely smiled.

Now, he whispered to himself,

As he jumped onto the oncoming waves.


Immersed, neck-deep,

He took in the grey horizon,

The ominous silence ate at him.

Just like that day,

He barked a bitter laugh,

When fires and ashes had scarred his Life,

Leaving an un-quelled ache in its wake.


He heard the sound of the gulls,

As they flew back to their Home.

Perhaps he should too, he mused.

Just some time more, he begged to himself.


The sun drowned into the sea,

Letting the moon shine its beam.

Lying flat on the beach, he stared at the night sky full of stars.

And found himself going down the lane,

Of counting and fighting for it with someone.


He could feel the presence of Her,

As a cool breath of air washed over him.

He closed his eyes and heaved a sigh,

And tasted salt in his lips.

A wayward tear seems to have found its way down,

Giving the others a lead.


Head bowed, with a heavy heart,

He turned to look at the sea the last time.

So many memories flashed by at the moment,

Yet the one that stayed,

Was that of the burning pyre and her face.


He turned a stranger,

And bade his final adieu.