With too much on her plate,
And her cold constantly reminding of its’ presence.
She’d almost missed the date,
Had she not chanced upon the calendar, by fate.
With a slap upon her forehead,
Loudly she exclaimed,
Oh, what a disaster I escaped!

‘Twas the sixth of May,
The day a stranger had been born in ’85.
A Brother from a different Mother,
Yet she loved him, like her own sisters.
In fact, the most, by far.

Ached she had, always,
For a brother she could not have.
One who’d pamper and love her,
One of whom she had even dreamed of,
In so many nights and days of hers.

Fate had been a blessing,
For she’d found Him, one fine day.
Clamping down the echoes,
Of the numerous unanswered questions in the air.
She waved ’em all in,
And sat down with her legs crossed.
Come, I’d tell you a story steeped in heresy,
One where two strangers found themselves,
Sister and brother to-be.

Oh, she’d found Him alright,
But where was her dream brother?
For this Man didn’t know how to pamper with love and attention,
Least of all, be an ideal bloke of a brother!
For perfection wasn’t just a part of his swag,
To world, he didn’t give an effing damn.

A personality to bowl over sanity,
Looks that won over people’s hearts.
But it’d been the person underneath,
That had made her feel and then fall headlong.
Ah, what a fall it had been, what a fall.
Her heart crooned and danced along!

Sharing all of her with him,
The reciprocation had started slowly but steadily.
Annoying and pestering the hell outta him,
But perhaps, touch she did,
Some corner of his heart, innocently.
For he fell for her too, albeit a bit lately.

Wept she had then,
Outbursts so rarely done.
Yet she had, because of him.
If sometimes because of the fear of having lost him,
To the times when he’d so casually express his love.

And then there were the times,
Which tried every relationship.
With a handful of issues gravely concerning,
Their ship had almost been wrecked,
If not for the Fate to intervene.

Having ‘sisters’ in droves,
Had almost drove her away.
Fiercely possessive and territorial by nature,
Bear she couldn’t, with the insecurity,
That probably she was just another wave on his beach,
While He was the sea for her.

He didn’t try to make her stay,
Hadn’t used the right at his disposal.
He knew she’d have, he only had to ask,
But perhaps he already knew,
She wouldn’t be able to stray.
Neither this time nor any time.

He knew the secret of the competitive her,
And had effectively stoked her ego.
No, she wouldn’t disappoint him,
By running off the field.
She’d stay and continue being his.
For how can a sister abandon her brother,
However stubborn and dense he might be.

He’d effectively ruined her,
She wouldn’t ever be the same.
For she now knew what true love meant.
An unconditional sap, that drew on strength abound,
From a fearless and passionate love, eminently profound.
The love only a sister does, to her brother.

The shrewd man, that He is,
He didn’t let her affect him even a dime.
While He smoothly replaced her dream of a perfect brother,
With an image of the imperfect Him.
Yet the picture couldn’t have been more complete.

On this 30th birthday of his,
She wishes him all the luck for his life.
May he always remain the person he is,
And try, just try to not forget her.
For her love for him would never be diminished,
Instead grow in leaps and bounds.
She desires to have the walk of life together,
Hand-in-hand and as One.
And wait and hear, will he,
As the record goes, yet again.
She is and would be,
Just and only his girl to be.
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, once again!


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