I looked for him everywhere.
I knew not in which corner he lived.
But this place would always remind me of him.
For it is here that he resides in.
Unknown but his presence being felt,
In the air and in the stilling heartbeats.
I looked for him everywhere.
In all the buildings that stood the test of time.
In the tall and the short buildings.
In the colourful and not so colourful ones.
Maybe ’twas in one of the ol’ ancient buildings he lived,
Or perhaps, in one of the new modern ones.


I looked for him everywhere.
In the Ghats, amongst the people casually idling.
Wondering if likewise he laughs around with his mates,
And relax away sometime.
I searched for him in the setting sun.
Wondering if he once stood at the same place as I,
And looked at sun with the same melancholy.
The answers yet again unfounded.


I looked for him everywhere.
At the lapping waves which swirled around my feet.
Musing if he ever did the same thing.
I searched for him in the cool breezes,
Did he feel refreshed and complete just like I did,
I knew naught.


I looked for him everywhere.
In the roads where he perhaps walks everyday.
In amongst the children playing football,
Where he might have played once like ’em.
Carefree and full of innocence.


I looked for him everywhere.
In the open windows where I might catch his glimpse,
But then, lightly smacked on the head.
Berating, such a silly Me!
Trying to take him in,
I soaked in the place, in its entirety.
For this place was an inevitable part of him.


I looked for him everywhere,
And found him in bits and pieces.
Yet the insatiable Me wasn’t impressed,
For it couldn’t find the whole of him anywhere.
Exasperated, I searched for the direction,
Towards the right path to him.
Out came the answer,
In the form of a missed heartbeat.

Search for him within your heart,
And there he’ll be, yours and yours only.




  1. Beautifully penned :). Loved the last line. Searching for him in the heart is what she didn’t think of at all.

    • She did think, but also thought perhaps the places were more important. But of course, the heart is the most important place, at the end of the day. Thanks. 🙂

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