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For every child, to complete the wishes of his/her parents is a dream. Especially when the whole journey is a hard struggle that you have seen your parents fighting for, just for a better future for you, you know you must try every ounce of your life to fulfil their dreams. We’re three siblings in my family, all sisters and I’ve seen my father (henceforth to be mentioned as Baba, as he is usually so-called by Me) struggle against every odds to ensure we had all the best facilities in our lives, especially in our education. And it had been one hell of a struggle, one which went on to condition all the three of us as better individuals.
It had been just after the results of my class 12th boards. I’d scored quite well and had filled in admission forms in three premier colleges in Calcutta. The spotlight however had been on Presidency University, a premier educational institution which had seen various famous names in every societal sphere as its students. What needs to be highlighted here is, my Baba always have had this fascination with Presidency. I still do not have any knowledge of the reason behind it, but he have had this fascination for years. To see any one of his daughters studying in this university. It was here that the twist and the play of Life comes along.
The twist was, Baba had always wanted to see my second elder sister to study in Presi. A science student who was good in studies as well, Baba had very high hopes from her that she’d make it in Presi. Some unfortunate events and those hopes had got dashed to the ground. The reality that getting in at Presi is indeed very hard, perhaps made it even more saddening. I’m sure he never had any such hopes from me to make it in Presi, although life had some other plans for him.
Baba always have had that typical admiration for the science stream. Though my high-school background had been that of computer science, however arts being my passion, I’d taken the plunge into it after my 12th boards. The convincing obviously hadn’t been easy though, however Baba had went on to agree to it at the end. Because Presi has an entrance exam for the undergraduate degree, which is reputed to be extremely cut-of-edge and very difficult to pass through, add to that my non-arts background and one can have zilch hopes of making it in Presi. I guess it had been mostly God’s grace and a little bit of my hard work that I’d made it to the counselling list!
At last, the counselling day had come and the nail-biting tension of everyone. Because I’d already by then taken the admission in one of the premier colleges, I was a bit relaxed and was ready for any kind of outcome, positive or negative. Both my parents had come alongwith me (They obviously couldn’t have missed an opportunity to set their foot inside their dream university and I was too happy to have been able to give them that!). They’d been fascinated by university long before but now they were impressed much more by the foresight of the university authorities whereby the parents were allowed to sit in the gallery of the entirely air-conditioned Derozio Hall and not left to be stranded outside in the scorching heat, unlike the other colleges. (Doesn’t help the fact that the hall is impressively huge!) The calling of names had been going by at a whizz and finally it was the time for the department of political science. I’d quietly prayed to God to grant me the wish to study in this university, not for me (I couldn’t care less, to be honest), but for my Baba whose dream is this university. And then the name-calling of the selected students began.
It’d been an absolutely numb moment for me and I think for my parents as well, when my name was called. I because I couldn’t believe that my Baba’s dreams just got fulfilled and they for the very same reason too. I heard a familiar voice calling my name from a distance and turned around to see my parents rushing to meet me. I barely can believe now that I could actually rein in my tears to see those pride filled faces of my parents, especially my Baba, who at that moment, was running towards me with his hands outstretched and with a big smile on his face. I managed a smile in return and enveloped myself in his arms in a tight hug. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw my mother wiping off tears that were threatening to spill, with a smile on her face. I looked up to see tears at the corner of my Baba’s eyes as well and I remember saying to him, looking at his eyes, “Everything is fine now, Baba.” He had simply nodded.


Looking back, I think I was not just relieved that I didn’t break my record of fulfilling Baba’s wishes, but I’d been grateful for myself that I could give him his dream especially when it wasn’t really expected from me. This shall remain one of the most special moments of my life.



4 thoughts on “FULFILLING HIS WISH

  1. Now that was really beautiful Eshita :). I am sure both as a daughter and as a parent, it would have been a really lovely moment for you guys.

    As children, we always want to strive to keep our parents happy. While as parents, they to see their children fulfill certain dreams which they have in mind. And when both meet, I am sure it can be nothing but the most amazing moment in life :).

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