(I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.)

BlogAdda has in the past made me visit several blogs, sometimes for inspiration and sometimes out of admiration for the same. Because of the ‘Ready for Rewards’ activity of BlogAdda, I’d to surf through the articles of the website ‘RewardMe’ and as a result, ended up finding some pretty good articles to read through. 

No, I wouldn’t call myself a fit person. That would be a very gross lie and I’ll end up being ashamed of myself. I just happen to take a little bit of walk everyday, take the oath of keeping up my exercises (let me tell you, I never have been able to do justice to that vow of mine) and remind myself not to have forbidden pleasures like chocolates (yet end up having something related to chocolates when visiting a cafe/restaurant). Long story short: I’m not at all fit.

Now some people can or do dance, some people cannot or do not. Some people are fit, some people are, well, not so-fit (like me). What if there is some kind of a combination of these two categories of people and out comes an exciting form? Well, the answer is Zumba. You’ll find the article in this link: Zumba. (It is recommended for one to go through the article first before venturing ahead into my article.)
I’ve always been interested about this dance form. Unlike other dance forms, these not only serves as a basic dance form, but burns your calories in an amazing way. It has been heard from many people, who actually do zumba and are much into it, to make you sweat from and work those places of your body which you didn’t even know existed! Till the day you’re initiated into Zumba, that is. Zumba definitely does bring a new kind of a re-discovery of one’s own body, not to forget, burn those extra calories-translated-into-more-adipose-tissues.
More so, when it provides you a kind of workout where you not only get to work yourself hard but also get to learn exotic dance moves, I don’t think it needs to serve anything more as a stealer for the people! Often compared with Salsa, which is primarily a dance form, I don’t think people like me, who just can’t dance, can ever attempt a pro Salsa. But Zumba, in all probability, maybe. Given that there are different levels of the fitness program (there are 8, according to the article), it also goes on to suit the demands of various age groups. A win-win situation, eh?
However, staying in Calcutta, I find it disappointing that there are so few studios that offer zumba as a fitness programs. In fact, on searching, I found just 2-3 dance/fitness studios who offer Zumba, out of which, almost all the 3 are quite far away from my place. Calcutta really needs to up its ante when it comes to bringing in innovative fitness programs.
I hope the article perks up the interest of the fitness trainees and health-loving people. If you want, there are several other articles up there on the ‘Family Life‘ section of the website RewardMe. Do have a read.


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