Me-Time, Any-time!

(I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.)

I read this article on the importance of me-time for a couple in the section of Family Life on the website RewardMe, especially if they’ve kids or a highly-strenuous job. While the article was very good (and the reason behind this specific post that you’re currently reading), however I’m of the view that not just for couples, but in general, it is really important for every individual to have at least some me-time slot in their otherwise busy lives.

Here’s why I think so:
1. Often in the busyness of our lives, we lose the connection with ourselves. Especially people who are stuck with boring jobs or which do not do justice to what they can actually do (which might be lot more), for them, me-time is really important. To remind themselves who they actually are and not lose sight of their talents.
2. Speaking of talents, all of us have or had, at some point of our lives, some hobbies which in course of time, have been long forgotten. Mostly due to lack of time (and I even have people around me, the homes of whom, are used only for sleeping at night by them, for a mere 4-5 hours) and consequently lack of energy to do anything more other than the job which saps their entire energy. As a result, these hobbies die a slow, gradual death. A shame, really.
3. Me-time slot, however small it can be accommodated, should be, for the fact that it really revitalizes ourselves with renewed vigour & energy. Let’s face it, doing something that makes us feel nice and not enforced upon us (like something called job does) can turn on the mood like anything.


So, how can this me-time slot be allotted and by what?
1. Spend some time alone. That’s the quintessential theme of me-time. Spend sometime away from the chaos and the hectic schedule of your lives. Not with your friends or your family. Just you and yourself. You’ll see the time spent is worth it.
2. Reviving hobbies are a brilliant way of spending me-time. Gardening, writing, exploring new places, stamp collection, drawing, painting, crafts, you name it and there are as many hobbies as we can make.
3. The important thing being lack of energy even if some time can be allocated, in that case, there’s only one mantra: You do it because you want to do it. Not because you have to.
Me-time slot in our lives are worth the minute and energy spent of our lives. Live ’em.


2 thoughts on “Me-Time, Any-time!

  1. Love the point you mention about hobbies. I have met and heard about so many people who let go their passion just because they are so busy in their homes and have no time for pursuing their hobbies or passions. And in the end, those hobbies die out.

    We all cannot hide behind the curtain of not having time to maintain hobbies. Moreover, having supportive family members who encourage us to pursue our dreams, hobbies and aspirations are always helpful.

    • Thanks. 🙂 Very nicely put and not just that, I’m glad that you realize the importance of hobbies. Here’s hoping you’d walk the talk too, for every one hobby pursued would serve the world right. 🙂
      P.S Followed your blog. 😀

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