It was quite late at night when Ayan came back to his hotel and flopped down on his couch, completely drained and exhausted. Barely able to keep his eyes open, he checked upon his phone’s messages. None from her. He sighed. So even after a week since he had first messaged her after a 5 month long hiatus, she has still been holding her grudge. Punching in the good night message, Ayan smiled. Forever stubborn and headstrong Shoi. In this 5 months, there hadn’t been one moment when she hadn’t crept up in his mind. Why, it felt just like yesterday when he had unexpectedly stumbled upon her in one remote Indonesian beach.

11720558_656226241179420_112486274_nAfter a sleepless night, he had been out wandering on the beach early morning, when he had first caught sight of her and to his surprise, found his breath taken away. Looking out at the beach, she had looked like a demure femme fatale who could kill without the slightest suspicion of yours. She wasn’t gorgeous in her looks as much as the power that emanated from her. And all this Ayan had felt without even knowing her. He had went up to her and introduced himself as the travel journalist working for the National Geographic. She had introduced herself as Shoi Ray, an independent woman with a successful jewellery business, with her shop overlooking the beach. Having found someone who knew her way around, he had asked for her help in his work. She had acceded reluctantly, if not very enthusiastically. Treating her as just another native of another foreign land, Ayan clearly hadn’t expected her to change his life.


He still vividly remembers their farewell moment at the airport. How those 2 months had went by, he still couldn’t fathom. Shoi hadn’t said a word about asking him to stay back. But in some corner of his heart, he had expected her to. Not a single drop of tear nor any traces of broken voice had been there on part of her which might have given away her feelings for him. For he damn well knew she had, but had stoically refused to show. Instead, she had looked straight in his eyes and said in a clear voice, with a smile, “Goodbye, Ayan. May you live your life forever as a hippie without any roots anywhere behind.” Ayan had somehow managed a smile and never turned back to look at her even once. For then, she would have seen the tears that were falling limply on his cheeks.



The night’s silence got broken by a single beep on Ayan’s phone, who was oblivious of the same, being off to the dream land already. The sender’s name: Shoi. Message: “There’s no goodbye until the next hello, huh?”


Photo Credits: The picture in this post has been used with complete consent on part of the beautiful girl in the picture named Debolina, a college friend of mine. Without this picture of yours, this part of the story would have lost a chunk of its magic. Thanks a ton for lending it.


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