“Good Morning!”, came the sing-song voice of Elaine, while Shoi was entering her shop. Elaine, her assistant was a local native and a very good friend of hers who had helped & supported her much since the time she had moved to this part of the world. Shoi returned back her part of the greeting & taking her coffee cup, sat on her chair, massaging her temples. Damn Him. Damn Him. Damn Him. Shoi muttered under her breath.

Since the time Shoi had replied back to his message after successfully resisting it for weeks, Ayan had been unstoppable. It didn’t matter to him to explain his absence. It didn’t matter to him that Shoi might have even wanted or deserve some sort of explanation behind his errant behaviour. It didn’t matter to tell her about his present whereabouts as well. Of course, it also didn’t matter to him that Shoi had refused to share any details of her present daily life to him. Not that she had shared the details of her past life though. But ’twas as if nothing mattered but him. So always full of himself, Shoi frowned, sipping her coffee. It totally deluded her even now as to why had she even replied to him in the first place. But truth be said, Shoi hadn’t been able to resist accepting his truce, for it had been one. Or maybe, Him.

It had been quite late at 2:30 am that she had gotten to sleep the previous night. Why? Because the great Mr. Ayan was going all guns about the future projects that he was going to be a part of. Shoi could have feigned tiredness & conjured up some excuse to retire for the night, but she just couldn’t. Because his happiness was infectious. He was infectious. And Shoi had been smitten. Precisely why everyday now she has been waking up, with red eyes and throbbing headaches on lack of proper sleep.


large (1)With the shop being mildly crowded by the morning tourists & Elaine charming and managing them effortlessly, as always, it was the faint ticking of a clock nearby that drew Shoi’s attention from her logbook. Finding something amiss, because she had no such clock in her shop, she started searching for the source. And just then, she spotted one on a cup with an open book lying beside it on her window sill. Surprised because she didn’t remember keeping anything like that there anytime, she moved to see an absolutely beautiful, intricately designed cup, a retro-version, vintage clock, replete with a white bow and a small white rose. Admiring such an unexpected gift, she had just opened the book, when she found a note attached to it. Intrigued, she went on to open the note, which read: There’s no goodbye till I see you again…. A date, m’lady?


It was as if her heart had missed a beat. Shoi knew it all in an instant. Someone had slipped this gift by her window sill in her absence and she, Shoi gasped loudly, apparently knew this someone. He had been here. Ayan.



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