She wore a relieved grin,
For a moment, a fraction of the eternity,
She had felt, wanted at some level,
That He not believe her, the lies that she spoke.
Prove justice to the claim that he indeed knew her.

Believe, he did, but her lies.
Claimed, he now,
He always had known all along,
Her contemptuous disguise.

She had got what she wanted,
Then, why oh why, she sighed,
Did that throbbing in her heart not cease.
Incrementing with every breath she took,
Choking her throat, dizzying her mind.

Rubbing the imaginary spot of ache in her heart,
She steeled herself and put on her smile.
He must not know anything, he and the world.
For she had been already hurt enough.
Putting on the mask, she shrugged.
Why, everything was just fine!

Fine? Bull.