Coffee Talkies 2.0 #1 Musings

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Source: Internet

I’ve been thinking about this for some months now and finally, the time has come. So ladies and gentlemen, I hereby relaunch my Coffee Talkies 2.0, drawing a very abrupt end to my previous version of Coffee Talkies, which was essentially a story of a broken couple. Due to a general lack of interest on part of mine in creating any kind of story further, especially given that this world is buzzing with lots of stories already, I henceforth came to the decision of letting the story be where it was and let the characters take it where they want to, in their own fictional world.

The idea behind Coffee Talkies 2.0 is to pen down my musings, which I usually do in my Instagram posts (my Insta handle is @esh_insta, in case you want to visit anytime, of which in fact, I’d be very glad of) and since then, 2 categories of my well-wishers have come into being. One, who have been quite generous with their compliments regarding my musings and the other kind who have been subtly hinting to me, to take it to my blog and leave my posts alone! And thus here I stand, being half-shoved and half interested by myself, to this position. The basic premise behind this Coffee Talkies 2.0 would be a theme for every post on which the musings would be based on and would also happen to involve a few stories. Yes, stories again, except that this ones are very real and happen right out there, something that can be connected with easily. Why Coffee Talkies and not some random blah-blah talkies? That’s because my musings usually choose to visit me during the coffee hours of my day and not just that (’cause as it so happens, I can actually get musings whenever I want *touchwood*), the musings that come then, usually do me the favour of staying back in my mind and not drift away, like the other times.
Okay, now enough with the preamble and on with the theme of the month that passed by: Switching Off and On.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing this 2-3 months and Lord, haven’t I gotten to be a pro at it! No, of course we ain’t talking machines or some mundane stuff here, but you know, emotions. Raw, passionate emotions which are to be switched off and on, as per situations. Not getting it, right? See. We all have our weaknesses which we find, sometimes in people, sometimes in some places, or sometimes in both. The common thread happens to be the fact that you care. Care enough to get hurt at the slightest mistreatment or if and when things don’t turn out the way they should/expected them to be. Thanks to my amazingly good luck, I had and have the fortune of getting hurt at both. (Yeah, I manage to do that now and then and in fact, far often.) Now to survive in this world, you simply can’t keep on getting hurt, can you? So then, I Switch Off my emotions.

No matter how much the places might haunt you, no matter when you look at these people with whom you were once very close but not anymore and remember all those memories, the trick is to think of yourself as a stranger, meeting ’em with an enlightened, changed view. No bitter feelings with only the best wishes for ’em, what you can do is to switch off yourself in front of them. Feel not a single thing walking in those places or along with those people. Easier said than done, right? I know, I know. But well, if we talk about Me in this case, I tell you, I’ve turned into such a professional at this that sometimes I myself get so flabbergasted about it. In fact, I actually have got an interesting story regarding this.

The other day, one of my sisters quipped to me saying in this past 3 years since I have met her, I have changed and reinvented myself so many times that in a very short span of time, it is as if I’ve matured a lot, despite my age. And this is not just Her, but a lot of people have said the same thing and her statement that night just happened to corroborate with the general consensus. Yet to be honest, I hadn’t really wanted to but circumstances and people made Me to. And I refuse to look back. Really, the most important thing one must do is to never lament and regret. Most certainly, believe they have changed you into a much better person than you were before.

Does that mean I have turned into an unfeeling human being? Here comes the Switch On part. The moment I’m out of sight of those particular places and people, I switch back on myself. It’s almost as if I’m leading a dual life character. It’s tiring, sure and sometimes feels like it’s an unnecessary burden to carry but then, it’s so much better than getting hurt innumerous times or turning into an unfeeling being. Some particular disasters of your life should not change the person you are defined by. Not that much that, you can’t even remember the person you were/are and thus fail to look at yourself. Because at the end of day, all you’re left with is You yourself and he/she is someone you don’t want to hide your eyes from.

So Moral of the story is: No one can heal You but You, yourself. Believe and never lose sight of Yourself.