Coffee Talkies 2.0 #3 – Mumbo…Jumbo…Limbo!

Happy New Year!
Erm, too late to wish, is it? Yeah, I know it is the end of the first month of this year already but hey, that’s the way of going on with your first post of the new year, okay? *sticks her chin out, grinning*

So, the new year started with a lot of resolutions from this end, 17 to be precise (yes, you read that correct!) and hence naturally there was a lot of pressure to adhere to it mentally, given the fact that I like sticking to whatever has been decided, particularly resolutions. Some of them I’ve been doing religiously and I wanna talk about them a bit, first. But before that, did you know I’ve changed my entire look for this new year? Ah huh! I’ve went short hairstyle this year and I tell you, the way my whole demeanor has changed alongwith the attitude! It’s almost as if I’d been waiting for this Me all along. More so, because you know, short hair is really a lifestyle. A lifestyle, I believe, would be staying this whole year.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Okay, so the first thing I’ve started doing rigorously (or at least tried to) is going for running everyday. How many kilometers I’m clocking ain’t or will not be mattering much to me in this initial stage, given that I do the walking as well. So it’s basically 2K run and 2K walking. Given that I’m an amateur at this and yeah okay, I’m a bit fat too (everyone around me would disagree, sure but hey, I consider myself way too fat than I should technically be) and thus, all of this & that adds up to my inability to push more than 2K everyday. Lately, I have been skipping running and been hogging way too much food than I should be (that too fat-rich ones, I tell you) and I know for sure, there’s a special place in hell for people like Me who whine about being fat and not losing calories and then eating the food of probably twice her size! But there’s a reason why I’ve been hogging food like anything in January and partly to blame for this, is my University. Surprise!

Me! Me! Me!

Me! Me! Me!

For my university, the well-reputed Presidency University held its 200 year celebrations this January and we had been provided with excellent food for at least three days! But then, I would have eventually come to this point of talking about celebrations because well, there are some times when you feel really proud of where you belong to and this was just that. Getting to hear in person so many acknowledged, reputed people like Gayatri Chakraborty Spivak (she was totally fire on stage!), Nobel Prize winners like Amartya Sen, Muhammad Yunus, Jean Tirole and many, many more literally had me in goosebumps! Visit by the President Pranab Mukherjee and former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh had only been the icing on the cake.

This had been immediately followed by the Kolkata Literary Meet and holy cow, the line-up this time! Got to meet again so many personalities this time around, some of them being Ruskin Bond, Paul Beatty, P. Chidambaram, Sunil Gavaskar, Shashi Tharoor & Kanishk Tharoor, Rishi Kapoor, Javed Akhtar, William Dalrymple, Ashwin Sanghi, Ashley Judd, Abhinav Bindra and so many more! (Actually, these are the ones I could remember right at this moment, the ones I didn’t mention have slipped up from my mind, sorry!) So you see, it has been some great few weeks spent!

At the Meet and Draw. Photo Courtesy: Anumita Ghosh

At the Meet and Draw.
Photo Courtesy: Anumita Ghosh

Coming back to hobbies again, I have checked another item off the resolutions list, by cultivating a new hobby of comic doodling and ending up attending the first Meet and Draw held here in Kolkata, which saw a handful of extremely good artists turn up. I’ve seldom been this inspired than watching their work come to life so casually and yet lively. Unfortunately, I simply haven’t been getting much time to go back to that, due to stressful academic schedule. I can only hope to go back to that as soon as I can.

The good thing(s) of this month has been that, so far I’ve been able to balance both reading books and watching movies. Till the year that has gone by, I had been extremely irregular with watching movies, being more interested in books as usual. However, this new year, I’ve been doing both, though initially I did have to face difficulties like when I started to find movies far more worthwhile of time than investing time in reading an entire book of around 200-300 pages, something which had never happened before with me, this mentality. But then, given that my Goodreads reading challenge of this year is 40 books, and I’ve already finished 10 books in the very first month of the year (all standalone books, mind you and not series, where I can pass off saying I’ve read 5 books, when all I’ve read is just one series. Hah!), so that must be saying something about my reading streak, anyway. I can only hope to continue in this manner.

The only problems that I’ve faced and will be plaguing me for the next 4 months, at least is two-fold. Firstly, trying to maintain the balance between running, storybook-reading, academic-studying and movie-watching. It’s like, I cannot stay up late watching movies because then I won’t be able to wake up early for running (largely the reason why I’ve been missing a couple of days’ running, damn it!). I cannot read story books if I only watch movies. And academia has been giving me a whole different lot of stress. I’ve been stuck in a limbo with my dissertation being mentored by the most brilliant but difficult to the nth degree professor. He has so far rejected 3/4 drafts of my dissertation and he’ll be leaving for the entire month of February and I have my graduate seminar in the second week of March. Hence, for the first time in my 5 years of the university, my academic life lies in absolute tatters.

And thus, as you can very well see, I’ve been trying to hold up just barely there and that’s actually because I’m trying to do too many things at the same time. Or to be precise, I’m trying way too hard to get real busy being a perfectionist. Sigh.
Won’t ask apologies for the long post, because by now, you already know I write ’em this long!

P.S Did you see there was no reference or mention of emotions or feelings in this entire post? How was that even possible!? Was that even Me?! Maybe, new year did bring in a change, after all! *winks*

See you next month? Happy living!


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