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You don’t feel good,

Things are haywire,

Life’s messy and so is your hair.

So what, GET UP!


Things aren’t as they should be,

Life’s just being unfair,

But that’s how it goes on and mostly will.

So what, GET UP!


You don’t have a love to cuddle up to,

You don’t wanna go on pointless dates,

You haven’t felt anything for the longest time as hell.

So what, GET UP!


You miss the person that you were,

You don’t like the one you are becoming,

But you just cannot go back and be the same as well.

So what, GET UP!


You think you’re broken,

You do a great job of disguising it often,

But you’re the only exclusive piece of gem.

You think you don’t have a life and just survive,

You think you’re losing your mind and heart at sight,

But baby, you are the best kind of mess.

You think you’re alone and forgotten,

You are tired of this world to fight with it often,

But then, you are The One.


So get up and sew that broken heart,

Remember to look in the mirror,

Whenever you need to be reminder,

Who you are, the Warrior of Light.


One thought on “GET UP!

  1. Very attention-grabbing diary. lots of blogs I see recently do not extremely give something that attract others, however i am most positively fascinated by this one. simply thought that i’d post and allow you to apprehend.

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