Coffee Talkies 2.0 #5 – Chapters

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Guilty. That’s the first word that came in my mind when the bitter (extreme one at that, if I may add) taste of my strong black coffee hit my taste buds. Interestingly, that’s also the word that strikes my conscience when I think about Coffee Talkies and how it hasn’t been fed any content since March, which is like, 4 months ago. Sheesh! So I’ll have a quick round-up of each month that has passed by, before settling down to the current month, which is July.

Hectic – I had to submit my Master Thesis. *Mic drop*

Ta-Da! Thesis Cover

Yes, that should quite dramatically sum up, the month of April. I still don’t know how I managed to complete it, but it was god-awful hectic! I remember my multiple drafts getting rejected with every visit to my supervisor and me steeling up, again and again. Oh, just to add (I swear, I’m not trying to boast here, but it’s hard not to be proud when your supervisor is Mr. Zaad Mahmood, who is the first Indian professor of Political Science and the second Indian overall to get a guest lectureship in Oxford University!)

Presenting to you, Mr. Zaad Mahmood

On the day of submission, I remember feeling proud to have the hardbound thesis in my hands, a product of intense criticism yet steel-strong faith. Then came the farewell, which was not quite an emotional event for Me. Maybe because I was too numb. Maybe because the unsettling shock, that there would be no other regular day of attending University, was yet to sink in. In the midst of such ordered chaos, I remember feeling better when the very supervisor, who had been let’s say, quite critical of everything I had done till then, told me how proud he was of my unconventional choices in my life. Farewells are so weird, I tell you!

The Farewell Evening. *sobs*

Mayhem – That’s what the month of May brought along-with it. As it so happened that it was the last end-semester exams that I was to give, before the cocoon of University was to be taken away from me, only to be pushed into the big, bad world out there & rough it out. I’ll say this and I really mean it, the exams were horrible! I swear, I had given the worst exams of my entire University Life of 5 years and it is NOT my fault that the results didn’t quite catch up with my expectations… Oh, well… But that’s for June to own it up!

1. Bachelors Completion, 2015.
2. Masters Completion, 2017.

Experiences – Normally, I don’t get envious of my friends’ lives, but probably for the first time in the month of June, I did. Because right after my exams, when I was supposed to relax (like my friends did), I had to join my office, which also happened to be my first full-time corporate office internship. However, two days into the office and I realized it wasn’t going to be that bad after all! I loved the work vibe of my company, the boss-employee dynamics and most of all, how easily I got embraced by one and all. I had an absolutely amazing time at this company, where I made really good friends, strangers who somehow became so close to my life that living a day without seeing them would have to be a day of some other parallel world.

The First Company Outing

I remember that tensed feeling of a doomed ship, when the University results were to be announced while I was in my office. But at the same time, I also remember accepting congratulations with shaky hands when I broke the news to my the office people that I had stood 3rd in my 2 years of Masters. (Let it go down like this that I had cleared the fact that the results were not in alignment with my expectations. It came way better, actually!)

Then came the break for travelling, which made all the difference in the end. Because as it goes after every travelling stint of mine, I returned, a slightly reformed person.  I had went to Benaras for more than a week and then returned home, after a short visit to Allahabad on the way back. Benaras had been detoxifying as always, adding reward points to my self-esteem, making new friends, proving to myself that maybe I’m not really a bad person after all! *Tongue in cheek* Trust me when I say, my bindi had actually become a representative of me being the only Bengali out there in the community I was staying put and the 70 odd people from the entire North actually remembered me by my name! (That’s quite an achievement, believe me when I say that!) Benaras taught me quite a startling revelation this time that, I probably would never settle down as any other ordinary girl. For my heart has a hippie soul in it.


Allahabad had been fun, with the Tonga rides, morning fresh walks and the Triveni boat-ride! Allahabad chapter taught me humility and how things weren’t to be taken for granted. Which was quite important when I look back now, but it was too late by the time I could catch on to the significance of it.


Revelations – Welcome to July. The current month… Or at least, till the midnight clock introduces the brand new month of August! July brought along with it a sad news. My internship was about to end. The word for July should really have been Goodbyes, but then August has got it copyrighted already…

So my office internship ended, with tears on my part and sad faces on part of the people who had become part of my life in this two months and were suddenly to become strangers again. I have the bad habit of getting attached to people quite easily, so it had been a bit difficult to say goodbye.

The Company Farewell

I decided I had to get away from my home to somehow avoid that feeling of getting choked on emotions and that’s when the offer to visit our farmhouse came along. I clung to that as a drowning man finding a log and went for a visit to the farmhouse which I had last visited 7-8 years ago. This had been a much-needed catharsis for Me as the farmhouse reminded me of that little girl who had the world in her hands and had been at the top of everything. She had no damn to give to anyone and was the best. I remember running and chasing the butterflies, soaking in the wet breeze and taking a detour to the other part of the town, exploring on my own.

Terrace of the Farmhouse

Returning back to the city all rejuvenated, I decided to go back to do something close to my heart, working at an NGO, something I do with all my passion. It’s been going on like that since then when suddenly a news came.

Something to change my Life forever. And the month August will be the forebearer of that. *insert Game of Thrones introductory music*

Thanks for reading the chapters of the book of my Life called “The Tragedy”. May your life never be unsettled like mine!



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You don’t feel good,

Things are haywire,

Life’s messy and so is your hair.

So what, GET UP!


Things aren’t as they should be,

Life’s just being unfair,

But that’s how it goes on and mostly will.

So what, GET UP!


You don’t have a love to cuddle up to,

You don’t wanna go on pointless dates,

You haven’t felt anything for the longest time as hell.

So what, GET UP!


You miss the person that you were,

You don’t like the one you are becoming,

But you just cannot go back and be the same as well.

So what, GET UP!


You think you’re broken,

You do a great job of disguising it often,

But you’re the only exclusive piece of gem.

You think you don’t have a life and just survive,

You think you’re losing your mind and heart at sight,

But baby, you are the best kind of mess.

You think you’re alone and forgotten,

You are tired of this world to fight with it often,

But then, you are The One.


So get up and sew that broken heart,

Remember to look in the mirror,

Whenever you need to be reminder,

Who you are, the Warrior of Light.


A bright day for #KFCAddHOPE campaign.

Opportunities don’t come along knocking everyday, so when one does pop-up unwarranted, you make space for it and grab it right away. That’s what happened one fine evening, when I got a call from Richa from Blogchatter, asking me to be a part of their core team lead to represent in KFC’s CSR campaign, #KFCAddHOPE in association with Smile Foundation to be held on 19th May, in Kolkata. Now, 3 things must be kept in mind here. Firstly, whether I’d be able to make time for it, with my final semester exams breathing down my neck. Secondly, I’m rather fond of Blogchatter, which is a blogging forum based out of Twitter, holding one-hour weekly discussions on every Wednesday from 8:30 pm. It was a long time since I had talked with Richa, the founder of Blogchatter, with whom I happen to go a long way back and I just couldn’t refuse her, especially if that meant refusing to be a representative of Blogchatter in an event like this. Thirdly, my curiosity escaped its kitty bag and got the better of Me! It should be noted here that I have done my final Masters thesis on, guess what, CSR initiatives! So this was my first real opportunity to get to witness up & close what an actual CSR campaign is all about and so I ended up accepting the offer. The very same day being a Wednesday, Blogchatter held their discussion centering around #KFCAddHOPE campaign and it recorded such enthusiasm and zealousness on part of people, that it was mindblowing!

The Placard that greeted us near the entry!

Cut back to 19th of May. I had reached the venue sharp at 11:30 am, when we were supposed to give our attendance for the event. We were a team of 4 people, which was inclusive of Me alongwith Anindya Da, Anupriya Di and Tanya, fellow bloggers. I already knew Anindya Da from before, having mutual friends and hence association going long back again. Meeting the other two bloggers was quite a pleasure, with both of them, Anupriya Di and Tanya, turning out to be rather sweet people. When I reached the venue Kala Mandir, I’d known the event was to be staged at Kala Kunj, what I had definitely not expected was to be led down into the basement, flanked by bodyguards alongside the staircase for the same! Buzzing with lots of media people on one side, I noticed that the other side of the auditorium was filled with little toddlers, who were from Smile Foundation.

Bolly Actress Tanishaa Mukherjee with the host and representative of KFC, Kolkata.
P.C Anupriya

The event kicked off after Bollywood Actress Tanishaa Mukherji arrived at the scene and was greeted with lots of media going all click-happy. She is supposedly involved in this campaign and thus had decided to grace the event with her presence in celebration of KFC’s #KFCAddHOPE one-year completion of the campaign. She then sat back with the host, who enlightened the audience with facts and information regarding this #KFCAddHOPE campaign. AddHOPE™ is KFC’s global initiative that is creating awareness and raising funds to provide meals for underprivileged children. In India, KFC has partnered with credible beneficiaries like the Smile Foundation, India FoodBanking Network (IFBN) and ResponseNET (Delhi and Gurgaon FoodBanking Network). Together with these organizations, KFC aims to provide 20 million meals to underprivileged children by 2020. In this one-year itself, KFC India has successfully provided 3.3 million meals, and feeds 10,300+  underprivileged children everyday. KFC India currently serves out of 51 locations spread across 16 major cities. According to the Bolly actress Tanishaa Mukherji, she quoted Mother Teresa and said that if even one child can be fed every single day, then there’s a lot of novelty that is inherent in the very act. She calls KFC customers and the employees the real ‘stars’, who have helped raise funds for the #KFCAddHOPE campaign. Smile Foundation, which was present in the event, declared that they’re alone feeding 1700 children per day as part of their partnership with KFC’s AddHOPE™. Though they focus primarily on education, but they believe that education cannot be an exclusive commodity but must be complementary with nutrition in order to bring about any substantial change in the society.

Bolly Actress Tanishaa Mukherjee doing the photo-op with the children. P.C Anupriya

A Q-A session later, all the children present were called upon the stage to do a photo-op with the actress and what followed thereafter was a laugh riot! Even after being coaxed so many times by the actress and host to shake a leg, none of the children were willing to, for they were apparently too busy looking at the media cameras! And when some of the children did dance, it was so cute to find them not an iota star-struck and they just jigged away to the beats to their hearts’ content, dancing freely with the Bolly Actress.

The laugh riot of a dance! P.C Anupriya

With this, the event came to an end and everyone was ushered in for the lunch at the lawns. The lunch which had an all-vegetarian buffet menu, was served first to the children who were made to sit in rows.

The youngest child participant in the KFC campaign.

It was a fantastic buffet and the time spent in the lawns was also a good time to socialize more with the other people. It also marked an end to an otherwise eventful campaign and a wonderful experience!

KFC’s CSR Campaign proposes to better the lives of small children.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Blogchatter again for giving me an opportunity like this and hope that in future, they keep me in mind for events like this again! That was all for today, thank you!

Team Blogchatter for #KFCAddHOPE campaign. (L_R) Yours truly, Anindya Da, Tanya, Anupriya Di


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She doesn’t cry anymore.
She doesn’t scream or vent her heart out.

She doesn’t do anything,
That could relieve the heart of the burden it carries,
All the time.

She wants the heart to tire itself out,
To get choked on its own tragic feelings,
To fall short of breath, coughing up bloody memories.

She wants herself to get cleansed,
But all she ends up doing is,
Waging a lost war with herself.

She has been left nothing but like a corpse,
A breathing and walking zombie.

Coffee Talkies 2.0 #4 – Survival

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I’ve always loved March. Just like the coffee I’m sipping. No, scrap that. Coffee is Life. I just love March. Or used to. Oh well, that’ll take some time to cover.

Me at SoulSlam Kolkata, ’17.

My March of 2017 had been awaited with a lot of trepidation. It started off with my first performance poetry at SoulSlam Kolkata, 2017. I wasn’t nervous as I often perform impromptu amongst my friends on their demand, but that’s not officially, so that cannot be counted really. The names were being called on being picked up at random by the hosts and as luck would have it, guess what? I was called as the very first performer! (Dammit, happens with Me every time!) We had been told to confront our inner demons and as their theme, will have to confess to something that we wouldn’t usually say or admit to in public. To be weird and just be ourselves. I have no idea how I did get the guts to just go out there and say it all in front of 50 odd performers, added to that the pressure of being the first performer, but I did. God, I did it! Seeing people connect to my poetry pieces, my story of clinical depression, and the overwhelming sounds of finger-clicking and claps, mine had been a sure success and crucial for setting the pace for the next stories to follow up on. The entire event had felt to me as if I had been sitting in a therapy session and we had all gathered there to share our experiences, our battles with life. And I had just been showered with public support and empathy for mine, without any judgement. It had been definitely one of the finest evenings I ever had.

This beautiful experience was soon followed by a nail-biting anticipation of my post-graduate seminar where Masters final-semester students had to present their thesis in front of external professors, all faculty members and guess what, all the batches of my department. In fact, our batch turned out to be the guinea pigs to be tested on for an idea of this kind. It hadn’t happened in the history of our department before and we were to create one this year. My supervisor landed from his holiday just 2 days before our seminar and while some of my friends have had already 2 mock seminars by then, we on the other hand, especially if I talk about my situation, I not only had my speech not ready, I also had my presentation total incomplete. I remember not sleeping even a wink in that span of 48 hours and I also remember writing my speech at 2 in the morning and sitting down for the presentation at 5 in the morning, with the deadline at 6. I remember going to Univ with an unprepared speech and I also remember freaking out on the inside looking at my well-prepared friends. All that had me going was my love & eagerness for my research and before I knew it, I had given my life’s first seminar presentation and successfully (at least I hope so!) answered all the questions. No matter how many hardships I get to face later, this will undoubtedly remain etched in my mind for a long time to come.

Me at the Gulal Run, Pinkathon Kolkata.

And then, came along my much-awaited marathon run! I had started running since the start of this year as one of my resolution (yeah, I tend to adhere to my resolutions or at least try to) and intended to follow it up with actual marathon run. Right then, Pinkathon, the biggest women’s race in India managed by the actor Milind Soman entered into the scene with its very first edition in Kolkata and I just couldn’t let go of such a golden opportunity to prove it to myself that yes, I am indeed a runner! First happened the Gulal Run, which was a fun run of 5KM conducted on the day of Holi, which was my first official public run with hundreds of other amateur & professional runners in the midst of rains. While on the run, I came to realize , what an amazing day to start off! It was a wonderful pre-run before the main event that was to be held on 24th March and it is here where I had my fan moment (actually not mine, one of my sister-friend is a huge fan of him and I had to take the selfie for her to give her that beautiful smile!) with Milind Soman. (I swear, I’m never going near any celebrity ever. God, the crowd I had to cut through!! Thank Heavens, I don’t have any fan feelings for any celebrity!)

Yay! I’m finally a marathon runner! at Pinkathon Kolkata.

Now the main run which was to start from 5:30 in the morning at Rangers Club Ground, Maidan. I had literally forced my father to come with me to the marathon so that he can see his youngest daughter trying to do at least something fruitful in her life! We were made to do Zumba for one whole hour and oh my God, the fun we had with the super cool Zumba instructor! And finally, the run for 3Km was flagged off. (I had to choose 3km as by the time I had registered, the 5km run had been closed) Wearing the Pinkathon shirt and running with thousands of women, both amatuer and professional ones, all women who are trying hard to become a bit fitter was such an inspiring moment for Me. I had timed my run and I think I did well for my first run. Everytime I felt I just couldn’t run anymore, the volunteers who were there at every turn clapping & cheering us on, saying, “Yes, you can do it! We’re proud of you!” gave me goosebumps every single time and I just kept running. I had no clue where my father was and when there was only a few meters to the finish line, I heard someone shouting which sounded like my father’s voice from the stand-lines, “That’s my girl! Go, Eshita!” And I had turned to see my father clapping for me with a huge grin. I swear it was such a moment of pride and before I knew it, holy shit, I had just crossed the finish line! I finally became a marathon runner with the unique medal and certificate provided by Pinkathon and no matter how many marathon I run from now, this first marathon will always remain special for Me.

Me with Uni friends at my birthday celebration.

All the years that has preceded this year, I used to do this countdown before my birthday date, like a week to go, 3 days to go and so on & so forth. But probably because I already knew the fate of my birthday of this year, I had almost totally forgotten about my birthday maybe because I didn’t want it to come. But then, it did come on 30th with half of my family out of city, University classes to attend (with a cake-cutting ceremony, sure, but hell! Who wants classes on Birthday!) and a low-key birthday plan to follow up on. Last year I had partied with so many people that I had eventually gotten tired and decided to have a low-key birthday next year and here it was happening, as desired. At the end of the day, I had a full belly stuffed with delicious foods and an amazing homemade cake courtesy my Mom who had worked really hard to cover up the void of my father who was out of the city. The calls had been only from my significant friends, with the midnight call from my school best friend, who had been with Me since the time when I looked like a guy! To end with the call from my workaholic brother who did his customary two-liner happy-birthday call only an hour before the end of my birthday. And with all this, I decided to not celebrate my birthday from the next year at all. Because really, I came to realize that birthdays are a reminder of people I’ve loved and lost, increasingly losing and just forgotten. Birthdays are being a reminder of the fact that I came alone and will go alone.

I just realized that my coffee is tasting awful and I definitely need another refill. Also, if I get to survive next month too, given that I gotta submit a dissertation which I haven’t even started writing even one word of the required 10,000 words… See you then!
P.S Gravest apologies for the extremely long post. I had quite a…difficult time in my favorite month, of all! Bear with Me?
Big and tight hugs if you had the patience to read it all.

Book Review: Open – Eyed Meditations (#bookreview)

Book Cover: Open - Eyed Meditations by Shubha Vilas

Book Cover: Open – Eyed Meditations by Shubha Vilas

Book Details:

Name: Open – Eyed Meditations

Author: Shubha Vilas

Genre: Self-Help/Lifestyle/Motivational

Publisher: FingerPrint Belief Publishing

Publication Year: 2016

Number of pages: 280

Price: 250 INR

My rating: 4/5

The Storyline

“Open – Eyed Meditations is a beautiful compilation of thoughts wherein each meditation takes you on a journey to the past, bringing a secret herb to heal a problem of the present.”

A true distillation of ancient wisdom tips for modern lives, this unique self-help book uses the wisdom of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata to solve our everyday problems.
Beyond the storyline, something deeper is waiting to be discovered from these ancient texts. This book is an attempt to uncover the hidden layer of wealth that is cleverly packaged within the commonly known storylines.

What worked for Me (Woohoo!):

“Analysis leads to action, over-analysis leads to paralysis.” – One of my favourite lines from the book.

The first thing that got my attention when I received the autographed book, was the title of the book, “Open – Eyed Meditations”. All our lives, our minds have been conditioned into thinking that meditations must be done with our eyes closed, so that we can achieve the clarity in our thought processes and the peace that is so precious a commodity in the chaotic lives of ours. So when my eyes landed on the “open-eyed”-ness of meditations and then went on to read the rationale presented by the author, it literally did make my eyes open! The argument provided by the author is that, meditations need not be necessarily close-eyed, but rather open-eyed, so that we can observe and analyse the events going around us and embrace the lessons provided by the various teachers in our lives. Interesting, ain’t it?

Consisting of 64 chapters dealing with almost all questions of our lives, it gives a detailed examination of the queries that we all have at some point of our life, have tried to address but may not have found the correct outlet. This book tries to answer that all, with an interesting but delectable twist. Replete with suitable instances from Ramayana and Mahabharata, it provides so much of new information hitherto personally unknown along-with the philosophy, that it automatically sets this book apart from all other self-help books.

What did not work (Ouch!):

Despite the fact that this book is definitely one kind of a gem, there is one particular dissatisfactory element that I’d like to follow up with this review. I realise that in an attempt to make every chapter contain in its entirety both the philosophy and the examples from Ramayana & Mahabharata suitably aligned with it, the chapters naturally get loaded with heavy meanings. But that in itself, sometimes acted as a turn-off for reading the book. Personally, I couldn’t sit with the book for more than 1-2 hours of a day, as anything more than that was proving to be quite straining for the mind. I’ll be returning to this book time and again, sure, but I’d like to beware the readers who are looking for a quick read of the book, that this book won’t be easy.

Drum-roll: Overall Verdict

For readers who are looking to have a go at living yet again, this time maybe with a renewed philosophy full of quiet vigour, then this is the book for them. For readers who are looking for an easy quick read, this is not the book for you.

Personally, I don’t shy away from reading or being seen reading self-help books, but because some people do, for them, I’d like to suggest them to pick up this book as a philosophy book and not see it just as a self-help book. This book is as much philosophy as much motivation for a new lifestyle.

This review is a part of the biggest Book Review Program  for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!


Coffee Talkies 2.0 #3 – Mumbo…Jumbo…Limbo!

Happy New Year!
Erm, too late to wish, is it? Yeah, I know it is the end of the first month of this year already but hey, that’s the way of going on with your first post of the new year, okay? *sticks her chin out, grinning*

So, the new year started with a lot of resolutions from this end, 17 to be precise (yes, you read that correct!) and hence naturally there was a lot of pressure to adhere to it mentally, given the fact that I like sticking to whatever has been decided, particularly resolutions. Some of them I’ve been doing religiously and I wanna talk about them a bit, first. But before that, did you know I’ve changed my entire look for this new year? Ah huh! I’ve went short hairstyle this year and I tell you, the way my whole demeanor has changed alongwith the attitude! It’s almost as if I’d been waiting for this Me all along. More so, because you know, short hair is really a lifestyle. A lifestyle, I believe, would be staying this whole year.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Okay, so the first thing I’ve started doing rigorously (or at least tried to) is going for running everyday. How many kilometers I’m clocking ain’t or will not be mattering much to me in this initial stage, given that I do the walking as well. So it’s basically 2K run and 2K walking. Given that I’m an amateur at this and yeah okay, I’m a bit fat too (everyone around me would disagree, sure but hey, I consider myself way too fat than I should technically be) and thus, all of this & that adds up to my inability to push more than 2K everyday. Lately, I have been skipping running and been hogging way too much food than I should be (that too fat-rich ones, I tell you) and I know for sure, there’s a special place in hell for people like Me who whine about being fat and not losing calories and then eating the food of probably twice her size! But there’s a reason why I’ve been hogging food like anything in January and partly to blame for this, is my University. Surprise!

Me! Me! Me!

Me! Me! Me!

For my university, the well-reputed Presidency University held its 200 year celebrations this January and we had been provided with excellent food for at least three days! But then, I would have eventually come to this point of talking about celebrations because well, there are some times when you feel really proud of where you belong to and this was just that. Getting to hear in person so many acknowledged, reputed people like Gayatri Chakraborty Spivak (she was totally fire on stage!), Nobel Prize winners like Amartya Sen, Muhammad Yunus, Jean Tirole and many, many more literally had me in goosebumps! Visit by the President Pranab Mukherjee and former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh had only been the icing on the cake.

This had been immediately followed by the Kolkata Literary Meet and holy cow, the line-up this time! Got to meet again so many personalities this time around, some of them being Ruskin Bond, Paul Beatty, P. Chidambaram, Sunil Gavaskar, Shashi Tharoor & Kanishk Tharoor, Rishi Kapoor, Javed Akhtar, William Dalrymple, Ashwin Sanghi, Ashley Judd, Abhinav Bindra and so many more! (Actually, these are the ones I could remember right at this moment, the ones I didn’t mention have slipped up from my mind, sorry!) So you see, it has been some great few weeks spent!

At the Meet and Draw. Photo Courtesy: Anumita Ghosh

At the Meet and Draw.
Photo Courtesy: Anumita Ghosh

Coming back to hobbies again, I have checked another item off the resolutions list, by cultivating a new hobby of comic doodling and ending up attending the first Meet and Draw held here in Kolkata, which saw a handful of extremely good artists turn up. I’ve seldom been this inspired than watching their work come to life so casually and yet lively. Unfortunately, I simply haven’t been getting much time to go back to that, due to stressful academic schedule. I can only hope to go back to that as soon as I can.

The good thing(s) of this month has been that, so far I’ve been able to balance both reading books and watching movies. Till the year that has gone by, I had been extremely irregular with watching movies, being more interested in books as usual. However, this new year, I’ve been doing both, though initially I did have to face difficulties like when I started to find movies far more worthwhile of time than investing time in reading an entire book of around 200-300 pages, something which had never happened before with me, this mentality. But then, given that my Goodreads reading challenge of this year is 40 books, and I’ve already finished 10 books in the very first month of the year (all standalone books, mind you and not series, where I can pass off saying I’ve read 5 books, when all I’ve read is just one series. Hah!), so that must be saying something about my reading streak, anyway. I can only hope to continue in this manner.

The only problems that I’ve faced and will be plaguing me for the next 4 months, at least is two-fold. Firstly, trying to maintain the balance between running, storybook-reading, academic-studying and movie-watching. It’s like, I cannot stay up late watching movies because then I won’t be able to wake up early for running (largely the reason why I’ve been missing a couple of days’ running, damn it!). I cannot read story books if I only watch movies. And academia has been giving me a whole different lot of stress. I’ve been stuck in a limbo with my dissertation being mentored by the most brilliant but difficult to the nth degree professor. He has so far rejected 3/4 drafts of my dissertation and he’ll be leaving for the entire month of February and I have my graduate seminar in the second week of March. Hence, for the first time in my 5 years of the university, my academic life lies in absolute tatters.

And thus, as you can very well see, I’ve been trying to hold up just barely there and that’s actually because I’m trying to do too many things at the same time. Or to be precise, I’m trying way too hard to get real busy being a perfectionist. Sigh.
Won’t ask apologies for the long post, because by now, you already know I write ’em this long!

P.S Did you see there was no reference or mention of emotions or feelings in this entire post? How was that even possible!? Was that even Me?! Maybe, new year did bring in a change, after all! *winks*

See you next month? Happy living!